Woorliche Woolrych Wolrich part 2

Spending a few more days resting has allowed me to carry on with the Worlich's.

To this end I found a Victorian book all about the Stansfields (bear with me I haven't lost the plot). Very big in Halifax the Stansfields, and very concerned with their good pedigree. They were also very happy to have married into the last surviving female heiress of the Wolrich's and they then did the pedigree and genealogy right back to Alfred (yes one of those kinds of genealogies). That said, from what I can see, they weren't making the whole thing up.

Read all about it here  I've opened the book at chapter 10 where the good stuff starts.

It is all a bit stuffy and Victorian but Francis is there. Mostly because he is the son and heir. This thing would have been so much harder had he been the third obscure son. 

photo P. May
So to recap - Francis, (son of Thomas of Alconbury), went to Jesus college in Cambridge matriculating in 1558. His younger brother Arthur was also at Jesus, matriculating to the same college in 1565. There is another brother (Charles) and a sister, Honor, who probably married her cousin Charles Worlich of the Suffolk branch (if one of the Visitations of Suffolk is accurate).

There certainly is a Suffolk branch of Worlichs, as the manor of Cowling (Culinge/Cooling) is held by one John Worlich in 1553, and there is a will of 1568 left by a "John Worliche gent of Cowlinge Suffolk"; which I have been unable to locate (it is mentioned in "A calendar of wills relating to the county of Suffolk proved in the perogative court of Canterbury between 1383 & 1604). That date is remarkably close to the one graffiti'd on the church. Were the brothers coming to visit their sister, or pay their respects to a dying relative?
If John's son Charles Woorliche did indeed marry Honor Worlich, then it is probable that their son was Thomas, probably named for his maternal grandfather; and he carried on in the educated line, being admitted to the inner temple on the 23rd of Nov 1584. There is some speculation that his uncle Francis had also been admitted to the inner temple, but I can't find anything in the temple rolls to prove this (that was a marathon of reading!).
photo Pat May

Francis also married, as did Arthur. Francis' descendants were Royalists during the civil war, but despite being the main line of Wolrich's eventually this line died out, and as I said earlier, the last heiress married into the Stansfield family of Halifax.

As an associated point of note I feel I ought to say that there is a black and gold monument in Saffron Walden church, it follows like this...

"1568 William Byrde son of Beatrice wife of Thomas Byrde and daughter of John Woolrich of Cowlidge, Suffolk gent. He married Mary Woodall (1613) daughter and heiress of Jacob Woodall of Cockermouth and Joan Bacon. William and Mary had 3 sons William, Thomas and George and 1 daughter Mary. Mary married secondly William Woodhall the elder and had 4 sons and 7 daughters
Monument erected by sons William and George"

I would love to show you a photo, but I can't without breaching copyright. There is a nice example on Fickr though if you fancy looking it up.

That would suggest that Charles may have had a sister, and she married well enough not to need to scratch on the walls like her cousins. On reflection, that is unfair, this family as a whole were accomplished at managing their position in society. They were educated,  they married well and despite eventually extinguishing as a family line they were still going strong in the form of another Thomas Wolrich who was vigorously fighting legal battles over land in Cowling some 116 years after the graffiti was made. I wonder if he noticed Francis and Arthurs names in his parish church? It would be nice to think that he did.

But there - I think that is as much as I can do.