St Peter on the wall

There is a church out on the edge of the marsh. After it was a church it was a barn and now it is a church again. It is built out of rubble from a Roman fort.... and it has stood here since 654 AD. That is why I am here, I want to see one of the oldest, from way back when. 
Way back when in 635 AD  monks travelled  from Ireland, settled in Lindisfarne and some 18 years later a Saxon man educated at Lindisfarne called Cedd sailed from there down the East coast to Bradwell in Essex. First he build a church of wood, then one of stone.
He became a bishop and a saint. He died of the plague. 

There was some graffiti, which looked like ears of corn. There is no clue as to when or where the graffiti was originally made. With the rubble being reused there is nothing to say that the markings hadn't originally been in the Roman fort!