This is where the sacristan sits

The sacristan in this church is lovely, warm and accommodating. She has sat next to this pillar for 40 years, and yet she never noticed the graffiti. She comes to look with me.
I think it looks like a chalice, and a weather vane atop a building. I start to ask her what she thinks but when I turn to her I find that she is looking at me with wide eyes...
...and looking at the pillar before looking back at me again. She can't quite believe that she hasn't seen it before. I'm secretly enjoying it the moment, because I've experienced it myself and it is wonderful.

There are lots of other pieces of graffiti on the pillar but this is the one that really stands out, despite having being lime washed over...
                (and that's before I show her that I've just found a bowl design as well).

Truth be told - you don't really find anything in Girton, you sort of try not to fall over too much of it in one go.