St Andrews Girton a panel from top to bottom

Ok - small bite number one. Girton church is quite sympathetic to its graffiti.
It is a  heartening sight because the church has retained and made a feature of this piece of graffiti. Graffiti quite obviously was a totally acceptable practice at one point in time.

I'm taking photos with a scale as I'm trying to get good enough shots to be included in the graffiti survey (it's really difficult in the middle of the day with bright lighting conditions)

Closer...Why is there an R upside down? That takes some effort. It's not easy writing backwards or upside down. It's odd, but perhaps God finds it easier to read it that way from heaven?

 and closer (what is that square design? )
 But at the bottom of the panel the stone starts to rot and crumble
 I think the stone is clunch. Good to carve into, but soft, and it's falling away, I daren't' touch ii so I decide that I will be as careful as I can be in taking down the graffiti. Because nothing is static. That's when the biblical quote pops into my head "For all flesh is as grass and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth and the flower therof falleth away".

 Seems like the same holds true for stone, and it also seems that all the time I spent fidgeting in the choir stalls might not have been a complete waste.