The attic over the porch

Come back - lets go up into Girton's porch attic. There is a nice little circular compass mark on the door frame.
I don't think we are the first to have been up here. The children are hopping from foot to foot with excitement. "Finally!" one exclaims "Our turn to go up a tower!" My children are very patient really, when they grow up they certainly aren't going to feel uncomfortable in a church


There is a nice right angle triangle, compass marks and some finer lettering under the clunky initials. I find a tiny date of 1598.

Concentric circles, which I start to count because the rings remind me of Dante's circles of heaven and hell. I struggle to remember if the circles are 7 or 9 or 9+1 . I've never read the Divine comedy. I'm a Philistine who listened to it on Radio4 instead (for shame).

I don't think there is any correlation...actually I'm painfully aware of just how much I don't know and how I need to start reading again now that the children don't need me every single second of the day.


Some things you don't need to know though. Some things you can just enjoy, like wrapping  yourself up in the atmosphere of a place, sitting in the window where all these ghosts of people have been before.  Watching your offspring tracing their fingers around the circles on the walls.