I went to Lidgate and all I got was these three photos

I could have done better, Lidgate is full to the brim with graffiti of all kinds! In my defence I went on  a Heritage open day and as a result I didn't have the place to myself. 

So I decided to leave the camera in its bag and listened instead to Matt Champion tell us all about the graffiti. He's the sort of person who is really passionate and knowledgeable about his subject but doesn't mind sharing it with enthusiastic and untutored.
While I flashed my ignorance for a bit, the rest of our party bought a reasonable amount of life to the churchyard - there were four kids, frogs and colouring (not on the frogs I hasten to add) and a small child who did quite a lot of shouting and falling over (she was adorable). One of the children made up his own graffito of a ship, and he was pretty good; which was uncanny seeing as there are no ships at Lidgate to copy.
At some point I realised that the children don't get hold of compasses in primary school, there they were colouring in the daisy wheels with never a thought as to how they were drawn.
 That's something I can remedy I thought. Compasses, kids, and a Monday morning mission (blunt ended compasses, I hasten to add, no children will be harmed in the teaching of geometry). We might even splash out and make a graffiti wall?

Before we went I did go around the outside of the church and picked this piece of graffito up. In the north door jamb was the word Histon. I know Histon, I had a summer job there. It is right next to Impington and not far from Girton, both good graffiti churches. 
Histon goes on the list :)