I like churches - no one else in my family likes then quite as much as I do. Brigit has a fondness for gargoyles and Agnes is partial to a bit of graveyard hide and seek, but I basically have to negotiate with everyone before I can feed my church graffiti habit.
This means that I don't have the luxury of flitting around. So I try to identify which churches might have graffiti in them. My Cautley gets pored over in bed of a night time. I look for the presence of wall paintings (because hopefully the place hasn't been lime washed to death), I plot aged fonts and the such like, then I plan and I hope.
This is a post about how that very sensible methodical approach totally fails.
Alderton has lovely Marian initials...

and good evidence of the presence of five pointed stars being congruent with Christian tradition (the five wounds of Christ).

The Wildman with his ragged staff is still chasing the now rather badly worn dragon around the top of the door arch...
                                              but there is stuff all graffiti in here.

I had hopes, hopes that there might be something in the porch, or in the ruined tower. I knew the church body had been rebuilt but the tower must have something. Sadly there was a sign saying that the tower was unsafe; and to add extra emphasis I was told the story of the poor 18th c cow who was in the wrong place when the tower decided to fall on it. Apparently this was during a service too, so there would have been lots of witness testimonies to the event. Bet they were glad the tower didn't collapse into the Nave. That would have given the coroner and the sexton a headache!
Time was I would have ignored the warnings and snuck into the tower anyway. But I decided that this would set a bad example to the children so I behaved myself.

No - that's a lie - I didn't behave myself. I grumped around inside and consoled myself with this substitute. It felt a bit like putting saccharine in your tea when all you want is two lumps of sugar. "Here lies the body of Harvey someone who died in November sometime". Distinctly underwhelmed.

I think the lions are laughing at me

Then I managed to find a tiny piece, very small on a tower pillar through a sort of grating 
A single 17th c letter J