St Andrews Impington

I was in Cambridgeshire, detouring from the A14 because of road works. I hadn't planned on stopping but it was a nice day. I had been to a wedding some 10 years ago in this church and although I knew it would be locked I went for a wander around it.
Scratch dials, one the right way up, one the wrong way up, both on the south wall

A blocked up North door

Hang on a minute?
Oh my goodness ! Graffiti heaven!

What looks like a Merrils board (also known as Nine Mens Morris). Trouble is, the vertical surface. How can you play a board game when the pieces can't sit on the board?

A handprint

Not one but two footprints and a tiny little head between them!

Another hand, this time a modern version on the other side of the doorway.

I have to arrange to go back when this church is open