"A subita peste...
Die Dicto"
Late medieval according to the guidebook - A sudden plague/pestilence? Scratched before the windmill was cut over it.
I came to Hardwick when I was back home visiting. I have fond memories of the villages around Cambridge, place of the bicycle. I spent many hours cycling around, stopping at churches.

marmaduke messeynden off helynge yn the county of lyncolne

I took the chance to go up the rood screen stairs (with permission of course). I've always wanted to do that. It gives a totally different perspective of the church.

I had bought a copy of Violet Pritchard's "English Medieval Graffiti" so I was expecting to find harps. I didn't see a single harp, but I did find a lot of windmills and the most lovely lady churchwarden.

and other wonderful things...

Bell ringing changes

Closest thing to a harp I could identify (I wonder who made the mistake, was it me, Ms Pritchard or her publisher?)


But this face... gave me shivers! I wasn't expecting to see him there, on the main door jamb, above the windmill and text!