Chilton (the Page/Paige family tomb)

I had bumped into a member of the Church conservation trust while trying to get into Little Cornard church, and he suggested that we might like to see Chilton for which he held a key. This photo is from the CCT website as I forgot to take the whole family group together.
The Page family, Knight, Lady and Son; all of whom would originally have been canopied, somewhere else - but now rest between the Crane chancel chapel and the altar space.
The knight looks to have initials carved upon his cheek, and at his feet lies a unicorn with just a socket where his horn should be
His breastplate is graffiti'd
 As are his legs - poor chap
 Some of the graffiti is helpfully dated
The coats of arms re-coloured .

His wife has lozenges/diamonds scored on her cheek and forehead,
and absolutely amazing original carving on her headgear.
 If that is an accurate representation of the cloth pattern then she would have looked simply stunning in real life.

The son's tabletop (I presume he died before his parents?)

I particularly liked the lacing holes at the shoulders of the son clothing.
Next time I have to make eyelets on a costume I shall know to bring them closer together.

His sleeves are marked.
There are lots of initials, and one arrow.

Then there is the font

 I.C. 1776 and something a bit more interesting towards the base.

Sadly at the south door I found no crosses or other graffiti, but I did find this. I presume it is very 20th c and not something I don't approve of. Since starting graffiti hunting I have to be honest and say that I am totally prejudiced against  anything modern, but very accepting of everything pre-reformation. I realise that this is a complete double standard. Please don't judge me!