St George's church Wyverstone

Wyverstone church may have reasonably modern window glass, but some of its fixtures and fittings are very old indeed. It also doesn't face exactly east it is some six degrees out (towards the North). 
Personally I love a heavy door with a bolt that slides into the wall.
 That smacks of a certain seriousness of purpose.
Although the rood has obviously seen better days; I think that is allowed; seeing as it is from .... well very early, maybe even the 14th c (that's what this report from the British Listed Building website  suggests).
I was taking a look at it when a slightly suspicious parishioner followed me in. She had seen me enter, thought it odd and come to investigate. Now telling someone you are looking for graffiti isn't the sort of thing that generally allays fears so I ended up explaining myself in quite a lot of depth.
Then I showed her what I had found;  the ubiquitous initials... 

The crosses (this one was quite high up in the window space)
a couple of things I can't make head nor tail of.

Sometimes you think to yourself " IS that graffiti or not?"
Take these "tally marks". Now they have quite obviously been scored into the stone. To what end though? What are they?
Then there are tantalising glimpse of places that could have held graffiti, but that can now not be got at. The rood screen stairs, blocked at both the bottom and the top.


By this point the parishioner felt reassured that I was no threat, and had told me all about how the rood screen had been found in a pigsty before being bought back to the church, and how the roof of the church had been lowered. I love talking to people who are passionate about their churches.

Then we parted company, she to get chairs for the next day's funeral, me to look at the other end of the lifespan, the font. Some fine scratches came to light.

Then just before we pull the main doors close I notice a few more initials.