St Appollina, St Michael and the blue faced Demon

After an unexpected meeting with a key holder to St Mary's in Chilton I was able to get into the little chapel containing the Crane and Page family monuments and photograph some great 15th c glass which can be found in the Crane's chancel chapel window (try saying that after a few!).
 Saint Apollonia on the left, is the patron saint of dentists. Her end sounds incredibly painful. The  legend goes that she was accosted by a mob of Roman pagans, tortured by having her teeth ripped from her mouth and then because she refused to recant her Christian religion was burnt alive. She died around 250 AD

She is depicted here holding a three rooted tooth (so presumably a molar) in a pair of golden pincers. I think somewhere on the continent there is a reliquary containing a premolar belonging to the Saint (allegedly).  I'm sure I remember coming across a description in a dentistry journal, it's funny what you remember!
Anyway, on the other side there is St Michael slaying a blue demon who has an additional evil face in his elbow and poisonous gas emitting from his rear end.
So we have unpleasant things happening at both ends of the digestive tract  in this window - nice !