Newton Green and the tomb of Margaret Boteler


Margaret Boteler has graffiti, over her face and her pillow, and her gown. She lies in a beautifully canopied niche on the North wall of the chancel at Newton Green underneath her attending angel.

If you are the sort of person who likes historical costume you'll oooh and aaah over the detail on her clothes, You can see the figure of eight pleating on her veil/coif -  marvel over the carving of her mantle brooches and wish that girdles were still in fashion because Margaret has a killer repeating rose design on hers.

But enough of that, back to the graffiti. She has a cross scored on her right check, and something else on her forehead,

her pillow has quite deep marks scratched into it, and on the folds of her dress there are more bits to ponder over
This almost petal like design is not on her clothes, but on the stone she sleeps upon....

....and can you see it? on the re-coloured boars head shield?

 There is some script up there. Now who and why did someone climb up there to write on that particular shield?