Anatomy of a glove

 A solo evening glove, belonging to a friend with a good pedigree. Elbow length, white and machine stitched with a seam allowance of about 1/16 of an inch.
Quirked as you will see and modelled by an eight year old because none of us could fit our heavy  hands into it. The glove is open at the wrist with several small buttons to fasten it. This proved impossible to do because the eight year old protested that fastening buttons hurt her too much.
We hypothesised about whether or not the gloves were originally made for a child, but the fingers were just too long and were definitely adult sized.

Also of note was the thumb, which was likewise quirked (or should that be gusseted?).

Is the thumb inset unusual? I don't know yet as I haven't had the chance to examine too many other pairs of gloves. But it certainly is not a regular thumb by present day standards. I tried to see if the thumb was cut symmetrically but it wasn't, it was slightly wider on the palm size.

All very interesting.